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Full Version: 20GB tomahawk log file?
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Hi there, I seem to be the only one posting to the OSX forum, but I see people viewed my last topic so maybe someone can help with this.

I got a message that my OS drive was running out of space (not surprising, it's a 120GB SSD and try as I might, stuff i don't want always ends up getting put there. So I went spelunking and found 20GB of logs for tomahawk. that seems sort of crazy, is there any way to adjust the log level or otherwise stop this from happening? I can't see many reasons I would want all those logs.

BTW I would have searched the forum but I actually can't find a search function. Maybe it's right in front of me and I don't see it.
Well, since I posted and cleared it, it has grown to over 3GB. it's just full of constant scans, so I set the scan frequency to 1200 seconds (up from 60) which thanks to the UI is sort of a pain (you have to use the up/down arrows to adjust it and i couldn't just type a number into the box, 1140 clicks later I had it set.)

If it's still a problem, I think I will have to set up some sort of logrotate like this:
I'm just fixing this for the upcoming 0.8.3 release, so incremental scans won't spam the logfile any longer. Thanks for the report!
Well, since I posted and cleared it, it has grown to over 3GB
It'll be shrunk on every startup. Can you confirm that?