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Full Version: Owncloud/ampache missing?
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Hello everyone,

I'm new to Tomahawk.
I just installed Tomahawk for windows 0.8.4, and I want to use it to play music already stored in my Owncloud(ampache and misic plugin in Owncloud is already working)

Now, the problem is that I can't find ANYTHING related to ampache or Owncloud in the Tomahawk application. In settings there are 6 plugins(Hatchet, local network, google, Jabber, and Spotify). I can install extra plugins, but there is no Owncloud/ampache plugin as far as I can find on the internet. It seems that it should be in there by default, but it isn't?

According to the help section on the site it should be very simple, but that seems to be for an older version of Tomahawk.

What am I missing? Huh

Thanks in advance!
Does your internet connection work? Those plugins are dynamically loaded from the net.
Wow thanks for the quick response.
That is probably it then, but I dind't see any indication of it wanting to connect to the internet(in the GUI at least).
No problem, let me know if a working internet connection resolves the issue for you.
I installed tomahawk 0.8.4 from the repositories, to see the plugins are all except the owncloud.

Plugin missing owncloud
Ubuntu 14.04.3
Internet connection working.
Use the Ampache resolver, it's what Owncloud uses internally.
Thanks for the reply.
Owncloud must have support for Ampache?
Owncloud comes with an Ampache server, correct.
Ok , thanks