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I have installed Tomahawk 0.8.4 on Arch Linux and it works like a charm except for one thing - it doesn't scrobble tracks to I have signed onto my account and I was able to pull down my history from Testing connection works too. However no new tracks are being scrobbled to my account. I have seen that there have been changes on recently and they may have changed their API. Could that be the issue or am I just missing something in my Tomahawk settings?
Did you accidentally enable "private listening" in Tomahawk? That would prevent scrobbling to, too. Other than that, they had their problems in recent weeks, but as far as i can tell everything works fine again right now.
No, "Private Listening" is not checked. I have figured out that it may be an issue so I tried with both it turned on and off. I even restarted Tomahawk after disablig that option - nothing. Strange thing is that players seems to pick up my my Favorites without a problem but won't scrobble to my account.
That sounds like a issue to me actually, but I'm happy to check your Tomahawk logfile to get further insight into the situation. Just send it to
Great, I will send it over right away. Thank you very much.