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Full Version: Scrobbling to doesn't work
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I saw that a linux user had the same problem

Was a resolution found?

Tomahawk 8.4 on Windows 7 in my case.  I haven't accidentally enabled private listening either.  I can scrobble from other sources at the moment so problem isn't at end?  Tried re-entering my login credentials too (in the hope it might trigger a re-authentication) - no dice.  Don't seem to be able to attach the log file so I'll send it to the email address in the other post.  There are error messages relating to in it e.g. "Got error in authentication job: Authentication Failed - You do not have permissions to access the service" and another time I was running tomahawk I saw something in the log file about the token being empty, although I can't find that one this time around.  Anyway, hope the log file helps.

I'm afraid the issue can only be resolved by contacting's support. It only affects a bunch of users and it's on their end.