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Tomahawk 0.8.4 - muesli - 04-15-2015

Tomahawk 0.8.4 is out!

Download source code, Windows & OS X builds here:

* Fixed drag & drop issues on sidebar.
* Fixed starting Tomahawk with a filename as parameter.
* Update column view when collection changes.
* Performance improvements for collection browsing
* Improved memory footprint
* Show cloud collections above your friends in the sidebar
* Keep looking for alternative sources even when we found a perfect match
* Fixed crash in network code
* Fixed repeat one/all icons
* Be more lenient about accepting JSPF and M3U playlists
* Improved support for compilation albums
* (Linux) Don’t crash on environments with invalid locales.
* (Windows) Fixed support for Windows XP
* (OS X) Fixed settings dialog appearance on Yosemite
* (OS X) Fixed SSL errors on Yosemite