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Working on an iOS app - Markbourke7 - 08-04-2015

Am working on an iOS app this is what I've thrown together in the past few days. It's in very early alpha so let me know what you guys think. Not all of the screens have been setup (my internet is crap and it takes about 3hrs to upload one psd to invision and it renders my internet useless while doing so, so I will upload the rest tonight approx 12a.m. GMT). This is only the design and its very much subject to change. Hardly any code has been written (under 50 lines) but I am hard at work most days so don't be expecting it too soon, just know that it's in the works.


Check it out and let me know what you think!

RE: Working on an iOS app - muesli - 08-04-2015

Hey Mark!

We're still looking for iOS developers to help us getting started on this one: - you're more than welcome to join us!