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Changing tracklistings - navaira - 09-24-2015


this might be something completely basic but I am very confused by how Tomahawk works. I'm coming from Mac OS 10.11 GM beta, iTunes 12.3.

It imported my collection, all was good and well. I added Spotify plugin but didn't activate it or log in. And then I started clicking through my collection...

I have a 36 singles box of Depeche Mode. I clicked on what is named "22 Personal Jesus" in my library. It didn't show the actual content (remixes and b-sides), but some sort of Depeche Mode Best Of with Personal Jesus present.

Then I clicked on David Bowie's Low, which is in my iTunes library. All but one tracks were greyed out. I have the full album in my iTunes.

Then I clicked Kylie Minogue's Crystallize 1-track single and got presented with Kylie's greatest hits... without Crystallize in it.

How do I inform Tomahawk that I want to use tracklistings present in my iTunes library and not some creative reimaginations? I really had enough of iTunes and want to move over to something nicer.

RE: Changing tracklistings - muesli - 09-24-2015

Tomahawk is retrieving the track listing from MusicBrainz. The idea behind it is, that you might not have all tracks from an album locally, but could still resolve the missing tracks from, say, Spotify. We're aware that this can be confusing at times, and will let you select a track-listing source in the upcoming 0.9 release.

You should still see all your local tracks in the flat Songs view of your local collection.

Hope that helps a bit in the meantime,

RE: Changing tracklistings - navaira - 09-24-2015

Oh dear.

In this case I will wait for 0.9... Thanks.