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Philips Hue Support - mathojojo - 10-17-2015


I think it would be a great option if we could anime our philips Hue when music is played in Tomahawk. The plugin should have to analyse the sound (bpm, Bass, Medium, Trebble, Level), and use it to affect bulbs color, luminosity.

Of course some options would need to be set in the plugin by the user such as :

- Which bulbs must be used
- Create Groups of bulbs
- A stroboscope mode (which could be forced, or autodetect mode)
- Min and Max Luminosity.

Such plugins already exist for KODI media Center, but are not perfect. On android or iOs, they exists as well, but they use the microphone to analyse the sound.
If well implemented in Tomahawk, the plugin should be more reactiv, more smooth, more accurate.

Does anyone else hope to see it happen ? Heart

Thank you, for your attention.